Tuesday, October 27, 2009

wow, thanks


Anonymous said...

tattoo luv

two pastel colored flying horses having sex while smoking pot in front of a rainbow like something out of an "adults only" version of Candyland.


Anonymous said...

Her title was called…. Her title was callllllllled….. Drifting
In a deep trance, the cognizant iguana emerges out of geico

Tasha Klein said...

-nod to the death dwarf-

wilhelmina -
of fucked up people

where are the mottled sketches

of your skinny

the wire necklace

slung around your ass

burning moon said...


the light falls like water
your hair is drenched with it


Seamless script
burns in fire
around your finger,

the legend
of my love

Sarah Wilson said...

On windy nights snowball bush blossoms,
drifts like snow. At first light I walked out,
and stood in it barefoot. The cold feet
of a dead mind. I hugged my razor
in my nighty pocket.