Thursday, April 1, 2010

northern lights /stealing from work issue

Sometimes constellation dust
gets mixed in with the human dust
mankind gets to touch the hem of the stars

-William Blackford

Something solar, darkly shimmering

part wind, part portal

erodes my skin with

the sweetness of light

And as parts of me are undone

found again by the eyes of a beam of sun

Time's hand lifts what is no mere dust,

but crushed essence set free

And I can feel Earth's atmosphere escaping

and in its wake I will no longer touch ground

as the opening swirl of clouds

will lift me infinitesimal

a single shape of rising motes



-William Blackford

--courtesy of artist tbork of the HIPblog

good is the lesser of two evils

it's distasteful to be good
i feel better when i'm bad
but i'm not good at being bad
not good enough at being bad

good is the lesser of two evils

by hector the crow

another crow poem


somewhere, spirit
is alive, despite
the quick metabolism
the slash and burn mentality
that chavez would assume
i'd assume
to maximize

when there's a goal
there's a compromise
there's a lot of compromise
A lot of comprimise. Comprende?

lotta comprimse, to achieve
weird lettering, that
i wanna let the lettering
AND the letting
kinda bloodlet
and nevermind the kerning
weird winter, sure we got snow
rock warmth, vancouver east
and you got, i dunno
i won't care

Anonymous said...

soul rope

drink this
she said so i
did. next thing i knew i
woke up next to myself, climbing

Anonymous said...
From Warm Thing to Napkin

my beautiful light -

love me,

lost and strange.


Hector the Crow said...

stylin' issue

Anonymous said...

A cool video: