Tuesday, June 29, 2010

thanks ya'll

be sure to submit for the next issue, above....


Hector the Crow said...

forced freedom
the grindance

Hector the Crow said...
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hiccup said...
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Anonymous said...

htc.. u so x

i like the ok go drop. - tasha

Anonymous said...

by billy idol - sweet 16

hiccup said...

i think the scientologists made me remove those two comments. there was thetan in my fingers.

Anonymous said...

left hand
thumbnail inked black
index & up yrs & ring
inked w/ peace, pinky is an eye

Anonymous said...

the sabal palm with a pharmacopia of almosts.

i didn't want it
but it seems
to mean a lot to you.

magnetism and resonance
in the gym cracked dawn.
we had a seventh hole pool
break planned but the owners
were home and you
couldn't slice the ball
if you'd been in a deli.
or dili or new delhi.

there's ghosts of a past
you'd rather be
in hanging around. i's dotted,
t's crossed & just in time
for jesus to mount his throne.

Anonymous said...

met at the tip

of a fjord
calving to cleavage

in cinnamon bars of heat.

i miss your blues
like sky, a frozen

in contrails
crisscrossed, plaided, plaited
braids begging for pull

so you pull,




Anonymous said...

the usness of the nothing ness

Anonymous said...

you're immortal. nothing you can do about it.

bright flash. high wind strikes hard.

Anonymous said...

six word poem

i'll never do that again, promise.

Anonymous said...

why do they call
one night
when you spend them lying

Anonymous said...

the most insane of solids

kinetically frozen
liquid, glass
lacks long-range



order the most

of solid


Anonymous said...

The words yield
two hands


thirty pink orchids
only sleeveless shirts
one heart


sowing suffering
will never reap


orange has a shelf life
the tide is no ceiling fan
and even now

Anonymous said...


burning moon said...


you're just another
son of a bitch
trying to claim ownership
trying to tell me what I should do
how I should live my life
thinking I give a shit
thinking your opinion
matters to anyone
take a look around buddy
everyone's just drinking their coffee
same as any other day

- Rae Pater