Friday, November 27, 2009

i won't tell em your name

unless you leave it with me...

from the journal of favorite poets:

Anonymous said...

i will





i have
re: us, used up
all my good memories
you have the rest of them, give them
back, please

OK ~

pumpkin pie


full flavor

quantum mechanical

how's that for love?

fish food

i tried a haiku,
but the koi let it fall
to the bottom of the pond.

it's beautiful

and it fits


precious twilight

Tasha Klein

Let Me Slide..

silken production


i'd've rather just been told not lied to bad. urgent bent over back to get brian to work in ur brown sweat pants and not even a dirty thong did u put on and left early when the time changed judging deliberately by the kitchen clock to steal some precious moments rockin in the car before they was pickin him up to take him off to work.

if u don't like it
when u find ur gettin
treated like a slut ya
ought not act like one,,,

2x Llynze

comes behind crime
patters about thugs, packs
retrubution on unblanced
scales, smiles

galileo's finger

i keep you trapped
in gilded glass, your fingerprints
search for the sun.

i guide you down a side street
up a culvert, over gentle mounds
my lips come:

the songs of sirens

where you lose your flesh like all mortals.

fortuna favet fortibus.

your bones carry
the secrets of stars.

brush them
against my skin.


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