Friday, November 27, 2009

old subs

thanks for the poems.


Anonymous said...


in my heart
the choir members
are rats melted like ash.

the on-


Anonymous said...

strange time
in the backyard

so many birds
all black
pecking at snow

with the frenzy
of stars, reversing.

Anonymous said...

hi, it's me. please delete that windows-crayons poem. i will post something better. p.s. that cool animated looks-like-a-penis image is fucking up. like animated images do. parts become a black curtain. ~t

Anonymous said...

i meant... i WANT to post something better. lol

Anonymous said...

o! sarah!

our doe eyed beauty
when will you go cougar?

hiccup said...

dear t

i like that poem. do i have to not use it?

Anonymous said...

betoken of dirt
flower singer
pale dark

Anonymous said...

The Daughter Of Christmas

I never thought my love
would taste like black
bean soup
heated from a can
you refused
to eat

or that this is the third time I wiped out your hard drive

i only hoped to show you the value
of love
forgiving its self
but I realize it's
too cold
in every bedroom

& I ought to move the kitchen into it
or I may never surivie
living alone

Anonymous said...

Trying to hide the light under a bag of circles

watch steam whisps
rise from 2am, a cup - the world
seems black & red and white & grey and green
the broiler - my new home - the va
a section eight - voucher and holly jolly
work for a living I don't - please chance
give to another sleepless night
I rise, I rise
but not to the sun
or your moon