Sunday, April 1, 2012

choose your next addiction wisely

( Spring issue, slightly delayed )

scratching myself--
I wish you were
the mosquito

arms akimbo--
you have not enough
hands to shoot

sting on my right foot--
did you cut me?
are you the wound?

you lift your own hurt
to soothe theirs

I am where
I never was

to let you turn
the other cheek,
he slaps you

holding what cannot
be held--
a torch

he and you

carrying an ant,
you tiptoe

laughing loudly--
for me,
for you

in love,
you look down
not because of him

whose face
do you see--
writing, thinking

which part of him
am I
the rest?

sorry to disregard
you--my hand
still on yours

who do you want--
someone like me
or me?

this is the question
you ask
to be alone

you talk--
he talks
to listen

~Jill Chan

o where

o where are all the ones
that used to
get me up at night
and make me scribble notes
on scraps of things
in the bathroom
lest morning come and we part
unnamed unremembered
except for
one strange color or another
or the look in some emily's eyes
but every brief evening now
the things that pass me by seldom pause
even to say hello
and whoever it is
comes knocking tonight
will only be there
to remind me
i really really do need
to go pee

~james lineberger

2 by Venus Jones


Listen I love you and I really don't want to overlook
But I have so much to read and watch on facebook
Loving thee is great, but this photo must be scanned
Let me finish this last level in this game, c'mon man
We can create a playstation but there's a message on my Wii
Plus there's a comedy series on youtube first I wanna see
How do I love thee, you say you need me to count the ways?
Hmmm I do stare at a computer more than you most days.


she removed dead leaves from branches
he watered dry roots with love and care
they nurtured what was once beautiful
after a tiny green leaf emerged giving hope

how to make love last

when the bloom begins
to fade, we rent
a convertable, put the top
down, and at the highest
point of land leading
out to the sky
hold hands , punch the gas
and learn to fly.


Blogger Hector the Crow said...

synthetic peace

life's a bitch, but she's got a soft spot
a light touch on the death-bed, let's say
through this tube, it reads as peace to me.


Thorsten Hasenkamm


How a bright day can cast
too many shadows

Not a bird aloft or singing
or gathering that shining fish
in the glittering water

can break a mood

-suzy martin


Hector the Crow said...

haha, slightly delayed - was worth waiting for, thanks lynze for putting another one together - i love the brain cross-section gif, wow, stared at the thing for, well, it seemed an eternity

Tasha Klein said...

Still my favorite little zine. Great Poems!

Blogger said...

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