Thursday, January 12, 2017

so how do i post unsecure content? it just reads all gibbris on the secure link

this blog was dead before birth, but it tried. still love the header pic the ghost girls in the hallway and the idea of small changes reverberating through time

how sad, no mo unsecure hotlinks. how do i link now? to even secure content? sigh. nice try.
let me try some test text right here after the carat slash a slash carrot
yes!success. i hyst have to learn a brand new kind of html taglines and i'm in business again. but no one like hotlinks anymore. everyone's secure. though my old links still work-at least on my computer
so i keep wanting to link to this artist-not the one who did this artwork, it's just stand-n finger paints i did- because someone actually found this place and likes curation enough to ask for a link.
so without further ado here is a good link for sally man and i'll even try a pic of hers see this is what i mean. no more hotlinks to pictures or something. bleh. at least i made a link to the page


Tasha Klein said...

is it fixed? on my blog i get this message:
HTTPS settings have changed
and i just post anyway. are we open again?

Hector the Crow said...

getting up in the morning
dun no howta live
figh 'in tooth 'n nail

Tasha Klein said...

L - the header pic is a Russian church, I saw it on tumblr and lost bookmark!